Social Halo Media offers a range of services to amplify your message and brand, both through social media and authentic content.  If you have needs that are not addressed below, please contact us at [email protected]  We are happy to work with you to arrange customized services that match your business goals and needs.

Social Halo Media Organic Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Community Management

Social Halo Media offers base packages to optimize and manage the social media presence of your business.  Base packages are meant to be an easy way to get started, but don’t let them limit your creativity.  Our Customized Services offer an array of services to choose from, allowing a package to be tailored to exactly what your business needs.  We pride ourselves on allowing you to flex the Customized Services you need each month.  Every business experiences different needs at different times and we are here to work with you to accommodate those needs.  Not sure what you need? Start with a base package.  Want to test out additional services? Try them out, evaluate their efficacy, and flex them when you need to.

Campaign Network Management

Do you have a network that you want to engage in a campaign, but aren’t sure how or simply don’t have the bandwidth to do so?  Social Halo Media has managed national campaigns and has the experience you need to successfully lead a network in executing campaigns at the national, as well as, local levels.  To start, we work with you to understand your business objectives and then design a campaign to match. Social Halo can then leverage your network to execute the campaign.  Don’t have a network?  Use ours. Social Halo has built a network of trusted brand advocates that can be leveraged for campaign execution.

Social Media Account Set-up

Social Media accounts are secured, created and aligned for your brand so they flow between all platforms.

Twitter Boost Services

Specialized service resulting in 300 followers/month on average.  This service is done organically and naturally to reflect a relationship of reciprocity to encourage others to follow you and view you as superior in the social space.

Content Creation

With over five years of experience in freelance writing, we create content for your company’s website to connect with your customers and increase your organic SEO.  Our content creation can also include on-site photography throughout the Orange County area that is used to create engaging content for your website.

Sponsored Posts

Are you looking to have your product or company featured in an article?  We craft authentic content with rich photography and share that content across multiple social networks to get you maximum exposure.

Email Newsletter Set-up

Newsletter creation and email marketing is set up for your business and website.

Hourly Services

What you need may not fit into a package and may not require consistent monthly services.  Social Halo Media offers hourly contract work to meet these needs in a flexible manner.